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I’m stuck! I’ve been trying to set up an email form on my site so potential customers can contact me. Right now I don’t want the information to goto a database, but just emailed to me.

if you check http://pyroadvertising.com/contact.html

then just hit the send button, it just takes you to the VB script, but does not perform any actions. I’m not sure if there is something I need to change in my code that DH already has installed on our servers by default or if I need to put PHPmailer on my server and change the code up. Or if there is other code that I can install that may be more stable. I’m open to any advice

This probably should go in beginners, but to me it seems a little more complex than how do I set up Entourage!

Thanks in advance!

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I took a look at your form, and that is not going to work. :wink: Note that your form code shows:

…and DreamHost doesn’t run .asp code. You could use phpMailer, but the easiest way to do what you want (mail the result only, no database storage) is to just use the DreamHost provided formmail.

http://formmail.dreamhost.com/ should give you all the info you need … if not, just post back here with a specific question,and I’m sure you will get the help you need.



thanks, I have the form working, but now it sends the viewer away from my site to a generic page. Any way to control that?

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Yep! There are a couple of ways to do that, both of which are described on the DreamHost formmail page I linked in my earlier response :wink: :

  1. Use the :“redirect” field:

[quote]Field: redirect
Description: If you wish to redirect the user to a different URL, rather than having them see the default response to the fill-out form, you can use this hidden variable to send them to a pre-made HTML page.
Syntax: To choose the URL they will end up at:

To allow them to specify a URL they wish to travel to once the form is filled out:
2. Use the return_link_url and return_link_title fields

[quote]Field: return_link_url
Description: This field allows you to specify a URL that will appear, as return_link_title, on the following report page. This field will not be used if you have the redirect field set, but it is useful if you allow the user to receive the report on the following page, but want to offer them a way to get back to your main page. You must have return_link_title to go along with this!

Field: return_link_title
Description: This is the title that will be used to link the user back to the page you specify with return_link_url. You must have return_link_url specified! The two fields will be shown on the resulting form page as:

  • Back to my site.

Syntax: [/quote]


SWEET! Thank you!

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