Web files - HTTP 404 error

Files I uploaded to the server yesterday are not working while the main files I uploaded to the same server after opening the account do come up. What is the problem? Thank goodness the files aren’t needed to make the site work.

The files are related to my announce list…does that have anything to do with it?


Ok, here are some more details…let’s see…
The web site files I initially uploaded when my account was activated will come up in the browser when their addresses are typed. But, when I try to bring up files that I uploaded two days ago, to the same server in the same folder, I get the HTTP 404 error. All the files are going to otto.dreamhost.com/crucialarts.org. The files I uploaded two days ago were files for the announcement list…not that this should make any difference.

Any ideas?


This doesn’t help much, other than lead me to believe you are simply typing the URI incorrectly into your browser location bar. What you are asking is why does the web server think the files are missing. So we need to confirm that the web server is not seeing the files. The easiest way to do this is to temporarily remove any index.* files in that directory. Then by browsing to that directory, you will see a listing of all the files the web server sees. You should then be able to see if you are misspelling the filenames are if you even uploaded them to the right place. Don’t forgot to upload your index.* files again.

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Maybe you’re typing the names in lowercase when the filenames are in uppercase or vice versa (URLs are case sensitive). Maybe the filenames have characters in them that are invalid for URLs, like spaces and foreign accented characters. We need to see an actual URL to say more.

– Dan