Web File Manager

Hi you all.
I know that dreamhost does not provide a webbased file manager solution and I really need to upload html and image files to my site, from an environment that does not allow me to use FTP or anything like that. Any Ideas? Any kind of pre-made app that I can use?

Note: I dont know nothing about CGI or PHP. Try to be soft ok?

Thank you all.

Never used it, but I know GT’s scripts are rock solid:


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Ok. Thanks.
Anyone used this one or any other alternative?

I’ve used GT (a while ago; it was fine). I’m currently using Invision Power File Manager – does what I need very nicely.

Well, I went there and I did like what I saw. Is it easy to install and configure?


It was trivial and the install procedure was easy to follow (as these things go :slight_smile: As seems typical, it’s the tracking down of any rogue directory permissions that are at the root of most issues. I was using it for months successfully when one day I saw a screenshot from somebody else’s installation and realized I wasn’t seeing the same file icons. Chmod the icon directory I forgot to set and poof, better icons. The fellow who wrote it is working on a newer release, but he’s a full-time student so it’s on an indeterminate schedule.

Hi, i’m having problems installing invision file manager, what am i supposed to put for the root directory?

i tried /home/user/domain/ but that didn’t work and when i use / it takes me to what i assume is the server’s root…

Thanks in advance!

I’ve a few users set up. Examples

For myself:

URL= http://www.example.com as the URL.

For others who maintain a specific subdirectory I use


when i try to set the directories i get this message:

User Account Updated
The user’s account has been updated
The users existing directory structure could not be copied, you should do this manually

and when trying to access the file manager i get this:

Fatal Error!

The root directory does not exist, please contact the server admin

I tried it both ways but i still get the same message