Web email client is incredibly slow



The atmail/webmail client is extremely slow. Seems to error out and time out a lot the past few days. I use it to purge old messages whenever I get a warning email from Dreamhost, but now I can’t. Can someone look into the webmail client to see why it’s not working?


same here, but it seems to have periods of terrible performance like this from time to time.


Anyone from DreamHost listening to this forum? I’ve sent a message to support about this twice with no response. It’s been unusable for weeks, can’t even load my inbox.


We’re moving our clients off Webmail to Gmail (used as email client). Very easy to configure.


Is there a charge for setting up a gmail account we have over 80 agents and found that it was going to be to expensive. Where could I go to get info about the gmail setup. Dreamhost is to slow, loosing precious time waiting for it to load. Any info is appreciated.


Hi Holly, the help page is here https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000326592-Use-Gmail-to-send-from-your-DreamHost-email-address
I also switched off the spam filter so that all emails will go to the inbox. Gmail will handle the spam emails.


Super disappointed in the lack of follow up and transparency.

Webmail is super slow, SMTP fetching is super slow…

I have over 30 domains here and I’m considering leaving. Any suggestions?


The webmail client has been better for me recently. It was unusable for weeks though. I only use it to purge my spam folder.


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