Web editor software reecommendation

I have been using Front Page 2000 for many years to edit and manage my personal web site. I would like to update to newer web editor software. I only make updates to my site every few months and my needs are relatively basic, so an editor that is simple to use would be a plus. A package that could import at least the bulk of my existing site would be desirable. Finally, an editor that allows managing of the changes (i.e. tracks my changes against what I have uploaded to DreamHost and allows simple uploading to Dreamhost) would be very helpful. Any recommendations on what editor I should consider?

Adobe Dreamweaver might work for you.

I bought a book on HTML5 and wrote my own website page by page with that book under my pillow

my site is pretty basic with a huge image across the top that just fits whatever screen width the user has

apart from that my site looks pretty basic I have to say, I used as much of the HTML5 as I could but I’m no wizard

the difference is, I can understand everything on my site :slight_smile:

If you’re used to FrontPage and it still works, does what you need, and you only do occasional changes, why do you want a different editor? Seems a bit like upgrading for the sake of it.
I have not tried it, but its successor Microsoft Expression Web is available for free and therefore worthy of at least a test before purchasing something.