Web Directory

Hi, I’m trying to Add a Sub domain to my already existing account, let’s say to my current main domain or second level domain.
In the page Manage Domains there are acouple of boxes that I have to fill, writing something on them. The first one is “Domain to host:”. I understand that there I choose and write the name I want for my Sub Domain.
The second box that I’m concerned is "Web directory: /home/username/(here a box to fill) ". When I begin the process to Add a Sub domain and I load the Manage Domains page, that box comes with my email address written on it.
My question is what do I have to put there ? The same Sub Domain Name or I leave it as it is or something different?
I greatly appreciate any idea or help.

That box should be added automatically after you fill in your subdomain name, should be something like: sub.domain.com, it will then create a folder with that name in the /home/username/ folder, this is a linux folder you generally don’t have to worry about it, it will be located in the same place your main domain is on FTP.

I never will be tired of repeating the thanks of those who have the willingness and the desire to help.
Thanks UnKnownNF,