Web Developer gone AWOL



I have just joined, so not sure if this is ok to post. I am not a developer or in IT. I am the founder of a new social networking platform. My web developer was due to launch it, but has disappeared, with no proof of him doing any work on it.

The platform is on BuddyPress, and he is 3 month late on the project. The last time it was shown to me, it looked awful and none of the applications (plug-ins) were set up correctly.

Just putting this out there to see if anything can be done or if anyone else has been in this situation?

I apologise if this should not be posted here




When you say “…if anything can be done…” what did you have in mind? Not meant as a snarky question, just trying to see what you are thinking.

Have you considered finding a different web-developer?

What sort of social-network are you setting up?