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I’m looking for a host where I can run a handful of hobby sites and I like what I’ve seen so far at DH. However, “hobby” is the keyword as I am not yet proficient in html and would need to run a WYSIWYG for a while-preferably one that is fairly intuitive to learn and from which I will pick up html as I use it. Is this possible with DH? If so, what program would you recommend? Thank you

A WYSIWYG editor should be able to operate independently of your hosting package, with the exception of Microsoft FrontPage (don’t go there!). I’d recommend Nvu because it writes decent code.

Having said that, HTML is really easy to learn and you should be able to ditch the WYSIWYG within days. Here’s a useful tutorial: Learning XHTML

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He says Nvu and I add Kompozer

Kompozer could be considered Nvu+some correction.

From what I’ve read, Nvu is not very actively developed, while Kompozer is.

I cast another vote for Nvu, and its free too! :slight_smile:

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There are lots of WYSIWYG software out there, you can also try Dreamwaver rather than fontpage of MS. you can try it for 30 days trial. http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/

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While I agree with most everyone in saying stay away from FrontPage (especially since MS is no longer supporting it), Dreamweaver may be too much of a shock for a beginner. It has a very steep learning curve for new users, and it’s a great program, but might scare off someone just getting into design. I suggest trying Contribute (Dreamweaver’s easier companion program) from Adobe. You can still try it for free from Adobe’s website.
Of course, if you want to get into the future of the web, check out Joomla (www.joomla.org), a FREE open source Content Management System. Easy to use and set-up, it’s even a one-click install on DreamHost!

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If you feel not sure about the suggestions, you can always contact DH support for clear answers.

also you can always try out the services provided in DH. DH guarantee 97 days money back. Be noted that the free domain (9.90 included in the package) is not refundable. You may want to register a free DH subdomain in order to get full refund :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll 2nd or 3rd the Nvu recommendation, and Kompozer looks a bit new/better (thanks for the link), although development seems to have slowed or stopped.

As for learning html, you can’t find much better than w3’s html getting started tutorial as a place to start; tidy, mentioned there, for cleaning up html, is usually on DreamHost’s servers. W3school’s xhtml guide looks good too.

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