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Greetings: First of all, Sincerely wishes you and your family will have an even better new year of 2008.Hope your 2008 is off to a great start!

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-TM $ 157.53
.US $16.24
.HK $24.66 (first year: $12.47)
.COM $6.85
.INFO $7.67
.NAME $8.63
.WS $14.11
.TW $30.14
.TV $40.55
.CC $35.34
.MOBI $15.48
.TRAVEL $177.53
Payment: Paypal, VISA, DISCOVER, Mastercard, AMEX and UnionPay
Contact:Have Any further requirements, Pls Post reply or visit: http://www.todaynic.com/supportEN/contact_en.php.


Is there a discount for people that wish all spammers would slice their wrists and bleed out?

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I just went to the ICANN website and could find nowhere to report the registrar for spamming forums. You’d think that they would need to follow certain rules in order to get ICANN accreditation, wouldn’t you?

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I thought they just let anyone in, until they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were worthless crooks, then booted them. Well, at least that seemed to be how it worked out for Registerfly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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