Web Dav

i’m looking for an easy to way to share files online w/ friends through my hosting server. can anyone suggest an easy to use set up? i’m hardly a backend techy person, but understand the basics of ftp’ing files. my friends on the other hand need a very basic way of downloading/uploading files.

WebDAV is pretty simple to set up, although I have had difficulties transferring large files.

FTP is pretty easy too. Just create a new FTP user and let your friend connect to it via http://webftp.dreamhost.com.

How big are the files? If this is just a one time thing, you can always just use YouSendIt or such like services.

yeah, i believe i prematurely posted. i have just ‘installed’ web-dav through the webpanel and it seems SUPER easy to connect to the directory and upload/share files. i didn’t know about the webftp option either so i’ll keep that in mind too if the webdav gets buggy. thanks for the reply.

Don’t forget that the webftp system installed by Dreamhost is PHP based and, as such, will not handle files larger than 8 MB.

If you should decide to use such a system but have larger files, you can always install your own system to work around this limitation (such as using a perl based file manager, installling a custom PHP.ini, etc.)