Web dav & windows error


I have set-up WebDAV on my server there (ophelia1.net). When I go to the windows (XP-pro) network add function (using the full path [ophelia1.net/webdav/directory name]), everything seems to go ok, until it is time to actually log in. I enter my userid (eyore15) and the password. When I hit return, the domain name has been added to the userid so I have “ophelia1.net/eyore15”. I tried just entering the domain name (ophelia1.net) and that doesn’t work either. I have had this same error from three different XP machines. The Dreamhost support staff tried to help, but they use vista and didn’t have the problem. I realize that this is more a windows question than a dreamhost question, but I’m hoping someone here might have some insight.

sorry if I’m off topic.

tnx for your help