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I am planning on signing up for Dreamhost hosting of my website, but want to know if they accept other web creation software. I want to create a website which includes a blog or forum. I was thinking about using the one-click Wordpress program, but will that give me a general website with pages and photos, or just mostly a blog? Can I combine Wordpress with another web site builder like Easy Web Pro or something else? I want to know before I set up my account with Dreamhost. I already have my own domain through Go Daddy, and it is parked until I can get a host. I am really a beginning at this.


You have complete control to set up your site however you want.

WordPress is just a blog. You can use Easy Web Pro to create you site, then upload it via FTP or SFTP.

Combining content can also be done. I have setups where I have something like WordPress as my main site, then a subdirectory with Gallery installed.

Bottom line is that from what you describe, it can be done here. If you need any help, hop on over to the Troubleshooting forum and ask. You’ll get quick and helpful responses over there.



Yeah, I have to admit that I use Wordpress as the equivalent of the screwdriver in my toolbox. I use it for everything - screwdriver, hammer, chisel, can opener, etc.

My one recommendation to the OP is to install a couple of test sites and play around a lot. You’ll soon learn what’s easiest for you and that should be how you choose to implement your site.

BTW, I vote for the Wordpress/Gallery combo - though I might now vote for the Wordpress/Zenphoto combo.

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Going off topic, I’m not yet enamored with ZenPhoto. I’m a real Gallery fan. I tried uploading a dozen of my 3 Meg pictures, and it never finished. That’s my bad first impression. With web-only upload, it’s quite a chore. Gallery2 has always been pretty convenient with the iPhoto export plugin and/or Gallery Remote.