Web Calendar seems to have taken over

Hi! I have hosting with dreamhost & my domain through another company. Usually, my website just sits there happily after being put together a few months back.

It’s wordpress based.

Today, I had an email to say that the webcalendar I had installed months back but didn’t use had upgraded. I went to see if this made a difference and it seems to have replaced my wordpress database as the main page. Now none of my original wordpress links work; in fact I can’t seem to find anything except this calendar.

What on earth do I do next?


It sounds like the One-Click system thought you had a calendar as your site.

You can try a Restore of your site directory through the panel under Manage Domains. Use the middle option of mid-range backup. If that’s not old enough, use the third option of oldest backup. And pick the second restore option to restore your backup as your main site and move your current site to the TIMESTAMP directory.

Thanks! The wonderful Brian from Dreamhost has fixed it PHEW!!