Web-Based Programming Project Management Software?

I’d like to run a site somewhat like sourceforge, except for closed-source projects (primarily small games made by hobbyist developers). The idea is to help groups stick together, give them source versioning, host their files, and whatever else may be helpful.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to devote to developing the software necessary for such a site. Is there any existing software that would suit this purpose?

You could try activeCollab. It is available as a one-click installation.

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I saw that, and somebody else pointed out more.groupware, but neither one seems to support file versioning as far as I can tell, which is a very important feature for programming projects.

Of course dreamhost also has a one-click installer for subversion, but as far as I can tell, I have to manage everything manually through a very simple control panel interface which is not what I want - I want something where I can make somebody a project lead and then they have the ability to fully control every aspect of their project on the management system.

I am not familiar with any of this software, but you might find Basecamp will do what you need.

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Basecamp is somewhat like the service I’d like to provide others, except they charge huge fees and I basically want to help out people working on interesting projects for free. I already have plenty of space and bandwidth on my dreamhost account, I just need software to run on my site (which Basecamp doesn’t seem to provide).

I wouldn’t mind paying for the software, but I’d definitely prefer free if anything appropriate is out there. I’m certainly not going to pay a monthly fee, though.

I ran across this blog post about another DreamHost user’s similar search; I think his comments might be useful. :wink:

He ultimately selected , and has implemented on DreamHost, SiteForge. His installation looks really nice.

You might want to check that out!.