Web Administration - phpMyAdmin

I am experiencing a technial issue:
When I try to enter to my “Web Administration” (phpMyAdmin), it does not work.
I am short of time so please help me to fix this “bug” as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,

when you say it doesn’t work could you please be most specific? is there an error message?

most that answer in the forum are other customers, if you truly think there is broken functionality then you should open a support ticket via the panel.

when i press the “phpMyAdmin” it directs me to “unable to find the website”.
i tried but i don’t know which category i need to choose.
ty very much:)

If you aren’t sure of which category to choose, just pick whatever looks closest. It’s not crucial that the category be set exactly correct.

Did you ever get this problem resolved? I just get a “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” message.