Web Address

Hi, I’m Karen and I have one more question. After renaming a file on the dreamhost server I got my website up but I’m still have some problems with viewing the website on other browsers. In Safari, everything looks fine. When I view the website in firefox, when I type //www.karenwilliamsphotography.com/ I get the index page of my old website and to get my new website you have to put index.html on the end (http://www.karenwilliamsphotography.com/index.html) to get my new site. How can I fix this?


More than likely you are having a cache problem on your end. Type in your url again and when you are there hit ctrl+f5

Hi Ryo-ohki, Thank You. It worked. one more question. On internet explorer you can see the link boxes and I have already changed the color to the background color. Is there a way I can fix this?

I fixed the blue box problem.