Web Access to FTP User's Directory

I’m trying to provide a user with a limited way to contribute changes to a web page. The idea is to let them ftp a text file which is referenced using a server-side-include.

I’ve created the ftp user and I understand that their files are placed into /home/username, but I can’t find a way to reference that location for the ssi instruction. Searches have yielded nothing - anybody know if this can be done, and how?

You can try using a symlink.

  1. Have the other person upload to specific directory directory or filename.
  2. He needs to tell you what the specific path is.
  3. Login to shell as your user and change to a directory you want the link in.
  4. Run the command ‘ln -s target link’ where target is the path and link is the name of the link.

For example, if he tells you he uploads multiple files to the directory /home/bob/client, and you want to access them from /home/alice/bob, the command would be
’ln -s /home/bob/client /home/alice/bob’

:cool: openvein.org -//-

Create the user without that “Enhanced security” flag checked.

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