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I was curious if anyone has used a weather camera with DreamHost? I have a weather station working just fine and all but it would be cool to add a cam as well. I realize that IP, DNS, and Software would all come into play but I am simply wondering if someone has done this and how the experience was for them.
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i haven’t done it, but i don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be done. IP & DNS can be handled by using the domain name. I’ve seen discussions about live streaming in the discussion boards before but I don’t know if anyone got that working. A weather cam is only updated every minute or so, right? or do you want live streaming? if so, you may want to search the discussions and the wiki to see if anyone got it working.

I have been searching/looking into it as well. Your correct about really only needing to update now and then. Streaming would be nice but using up resources as a result. Santa should be flying by with a DVR that has a Linux Server built into it, soon… That should open up some options as well.
But I’m still interested in knowing how the attempt of others at such a task had worked out for them. Thanks…

It really depends on what you buy for the camera. This can be done with a simple web cam from Best Buy attached to a PC with software running that either streams the video to the server, or steams a string of .jpgs of the image at some interval.

Or you can buy a more expensive camera that has all that built in, and instead of attaching it to a PC, it plugs into a router port. You then “log in” to the camera via your web browser and supply server details to the camera. Settings within this type of camera allow you to specify what to upload and how often. In some cases you can even send a video stream to one server and a .jpg to another. (hint hint…this route is definitely the way to go)

One of the best sources of information I’ve found is Ambient Weather’s guide “Weather Camera Review, Purchase and Installation Guide” (yes it’s true they want to sell their camera’s and they only seem to sell higher end IP cams, but there is a reason for that :wink: Also the info in the guide is generic enough and covers all levels well enough to be a learning tool for you as well as a camera sales tool for ambient.)

To answer your specific question, I tried at one point, but was never happy with the result (using a low resolution camera looking out a window). I will do again when IP camera prices fall further, and/or I have more discretionary income floating around to “pay the price to do it right”.

As far as dreamhost concerns, uploading a constant stream of .jpgs shouldn’t get you into any trouble even on shared hosting. Bandwidth is unlimited and there is nothing that should run memory usage up, unless you’re station becomes very popular and traffic to your site does that for you. However I can’t comment on resource usage for steaming live video.

My very favorite weather station with live steaming cam is this one: out of Florida. There is a contact link at the bottom, and those folks are really friendly, I’ve traded an email or 3 with them.


Yes yes, pay the price to do it right indeed. I appreciate your links. Especially the link, very nice. I used to live in Dade County Miami; I am so far from there now so it was nice to see the cam at Key Largo.

I am very familiar with , I have purchased a few devices from them and if anyone is wondering, they are five star in my book.

It’s snowing now, but we’re going to get a couple Honeywells out on the towers today, take it slow and easy, I should have everything up and running soon, then tackle the broadcast. I’ll keep you posted… Thanks.

Popular topic today!! Here are a few different questions in a second weathercam thread that popped up today.

[quote="[evL], post:5, topic:56643"]
I am very familiar with , I have purchased a few devices from them and if anyone is wondering, they are five star in my book.

Agreed as well. Ambient provides top notch service and a very nice selection of high quality products.


Ya, I noticed that all of a sudden it appears to be a popular topic. Huh.
That’s just my luck, the FBI is always on my trail… hi hi.

Anyhow, bobocat, LakeRat, thanks for your input. And I’ll keep you posted.
BTW, I finally got my old user name working on this forum, thank goodness.

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