We need to host ASAP can't wait or this service is no good

I recommended a high profile client this service knowing others that use it and we are not satisfied with response time.

We need to build a website and have it ready in three DAYS, if we went with Godaddy or some other sham service the website would be done already.

We have just our domain name request pending and you guys have no working chat and no number we can call to get things straight.

We have a bad taste in our mouth with first impressions. Please restore this impression and/or fix this asap. We need domain name set and basic https hosting ASAP … I mean ASAP…this is for a hotel website. ASAP. I cannot stress enough ASAP means NOW!

Thank you.


Welcome to the Customer forum. DreamHost does browse the forums, but if you want official support, there is a Support Chat function for customers and the support ticket system – all accessible via the Panel.

If your account has yet to be activated, there’s the standard contact form:

I’d also have to say that for a major project, give yourself at least a month to get it up and running.

Must echo sdayman, working in business continuity as a field your plan to setup hosting and do everything is a tad lastminute.com

A website in 3 days? 3 days? Seriously? 3 Days?


What kind of website? Commerce? Static? Blog? A static page could be set up by even a “Hac” web site coeder from a high school… Any of the others could be done with the one click installs from the WebPanel interface But even then testing would need to be done and that’s usually way more than 3 days… #UnrealisticExpectationsofHostProvider