We got spammed


nice to know the DH board isn’t free from spam either


yep, looks like a spambot had a real good time in here :@

I suspect the only way to prevent this in the future would be to require registration for all sections.

It looks like the spamming is continuing, even as I type. :@

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This is the first time I’ve seen the board being spammed!

How rude >:0(


This isn’t the first time by any means, but this bot has always stuck to the Beta Testing forum.

Help Jeff!

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Tough to require registration for all forums, since this one is designed for people who aren’t members.


They can still register on the forums without being DreamHost customers.

However, I do see your point, it would make it just that little bit harder for legitimate potential customers to post.


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Perhaps if a captcha was required for annomous posters, and to register an account most of this spam would be stoped.

art.googlies.net - personal website


Is a captcha one of those little graphics with letters and/or numbers you have to type into a field? Wasn’t sure of the term for that. :slight_smile:




art.googlies.net - personal website