Ways to automatically set DNS record?

I have a local machine that I want to have mapped to svr2.vrillusions.com Right now it’s a CNAME record that uses vrillusions.dyndns.org, which I can update the IP address using a client program. I want to “skip the middleman” and have svr2… be mapped directly to my ip address. I’m on cable, so it doesn’t change often, but it still changes. So is there anyway to automatically set my IP address when it changes? Another option I have is to have the DNS records stored at this one site that has clients to allow you to update IP addresses automatically. I just don’t want to do that because then I have to make sure the IP addresses that DH are using are correct at the other site (sure, I think they have changed (at least by anouncment) maybe one time since I’ve been here, but still something to keep in mind). Any ideas?

Todd Eddy

You’d have to change it yourself (each time) from the web panel; there’s no way to change it automatically. The alias to vrillusions.dyndns.org is probably the cleanest way to do this.