Way to go

you jacked up picrave. way to go . you rock! sike. you suck butt! you butt suckers!

On this lovely (and eloquent) note, I have an opportunity now to test some of the administrative functions of wwwthreads.

However: Posts critical to DreamHost ARE allowed, even encouraged - regardless of whether we feel they are fair or not. But if they’re not at all constructive (like this rant in particular), I ask that you take them elsewhere.

The reason we allow this forum is so that potential customers can get an idea what our strengths and weaknesses are, and so that we can better respond to customer needs (and, honestly, to give us all a chance to have friendly discussions about random stuff).

But if a post fails to serve any of these purposes, we are under no obligation to keep it up. This post in particular serves no function, and even if a hosted site is down (I presume that’s the case) it gives no background to the problem, its frequency, or cause. I have yet to delete any posts - and I really don’t want to. Please don’t make it come to that.

In short, while we’re not going to tolerate these kind of rants, constructive criticisms are fine (this means you, bob_w! :>).

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

Ya got my vote, Jeff!

…Bob W.