Was Thinking Of joining

And I need a good host, Until i seen this. http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Madeleine_McCann

Hosted by your company?

That’s a step too far for most normal people, totally sick.

I didn’t even click it, but unless it’s illegal in the US, it’s not a problem. There are a lot of sick sites out there… do you think they’re all hosted at Dreamhost?

If you hate freedom of speech, then DH is probably not for you.

People that are a little more clued in on web hosting would probably base their decisions on the host itself–not the content of one of their user’s pages.

I think I’ll stop wearing Levi jeans now, because some murderers and rapists might wear them. Make sense? Why should I spend money with a company that sells clothes to criminals?! :smiley:

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The internet of full of stuff many find “sick”. Strangely enough, many disagree on exactly what fits that definition.

You should most certianly do what you think is best!

Just out of curiosity though, where do you buy your groceries? Aren’t you afraid that the store where you shop might have sold something to some “sicko”? :wink:


plus, sometimes hackers make it sick no matter you like it or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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It may be.

Lots of people thought the Bonsai Kitten site was sick, too. Others thought it was hilarious.

Legal vs. illegal is straightforward enough.

Tasteful vs. tasteless? Sensible vs. sick?

I agree that I wish people wouldn’t post stuff that I find offensive, but on the other hand I’m sure that there are others out there that might find some of my views and tastes offensive as well. I guess on balance I’m happy that DreamHost allows me to be me as long as I do it legally.

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Your response tells its own story, the story of greedy men, your sick for having such a site on your servers. I run a forum on a dedicated server of my own, it has over 200k members, I am going to make sure the online world hears of your response and the fact you did not even care enough, to know what is hosted on your servers as you “did not even click it” And just for your info, It’s a site that is actively promoting and encouraging paedophilia and having a laugh at the murder of young children

Do me bad in the high street Mr shop and I will tell Six of my friends.

Do me wrong online Mr Shop and I will tell Six million.

There is freedom of speech and then there is just going too far.

Oh and we are about to find out if it does break any laws.

These are not seiler’s servers. He, and I, and the others who have posted in this thread so far are customers of DreamHost. If you were trying to raise an issue with DH about the site you don’t like, you should do that with DreamHost itself instead of on a “customer-to-customer” forum. You might take a look at http://abuse.dreamhost.com

Well, that would certianly make you appear ignorant now, wouldn’t it? “This DH customer calling himself seiler didn’t even care that DH hosts a site I find (insert your justification for censorship here)”. I can’t think of a better way for you to indicate just how little you understand about these things than for you to do that! I’d love to read your post about that; what is the url for your forum? :wink:

You think so? I did look at that site and, while it’s “not my cup of tea,” it is very clearly someone’s attempt at humor/parody. You might not think it’s funny; others might.

You might also note that I would never have visited that site had you not advertised it by publishing the link. That wasn’t a very “smart” thing to do if you truly find the site disturbing; generating a “controversy” about a site to drive traffic to it is, however, a well-known publicity device. Your “activisim” toward the site is increasing it’s traffic and its exposure. Is that really your own site? :wink:

I think you take yourself far too seriously. The internet is (in)famous for for its denizens telling the world what’s wrong with it, though everyone enjoys the occasional “righteous rant”! :wink:

That may be true; thankfully it is not left to you to determine what is “too far”.

At least that is a more productive and intelligent approach toward trying to censor a website than posting outraged and mis-directed indignation on a forum! :wink:


Agreed. I don’t agree with the site but it is a first amendment right. If things like this were blocked then the internet would have a very different outlook.

Sadly, I don’t agree with the site or the humor that they tried to accomplish. I am sure there is an audience that finds this entertaining…But it isn’t illegal, so you can’t blame DH for hosting it.

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I think I’ve mentioned in another thread that First Amendment Rights pertain to the protection of people from the government making laws restricting what they can say. It does not force businesses to do business with individuals or other businesses regardless of the type of business or in this case the content they intend to publish.

The closest thing to this is the Federal Equal Access Act of 1984 which was intended to make sure that schools receiving federal aid provide equal access to facilities all student groups regardless of the kind of student group. It was originally intended to ensure access for student religious groups.

Businesses can do business with whoever they want. They do have to provide substantially equal access to employment across protected groups, though.

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It’s probably your site, since you’re the one here advertising it and giving it more exposure.

It certainly isn’t anything you find objectionable, or you would have taken it up with the abuse department in private.

Yeah, too far = illegal or against the TOS.

The web’s full of bad places. You might spend less time looking at them if you replace searching for child porn & murder with a new hobby.

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What is really funny about this whole thread is that the site’s webhosting isn’t even provided by DH (only mail). Don’t be fooled by the nameservers:

Whois Server: whois.dreamhost.com
Referral URL: http://www.dreamhost.com
Status: ok
Updated Date: 19-sep-2007
Creation Date: 08-dec-2004
Expiration Date: 08-dec-2009

houkouonchi: 02:50 PM# host encyclopediadramatica.com
encyclopediadramatica.com has address
encyclopediadramatica.com mail is handled by 0 fltr-in1.mail.dreamhost.com.
encyclopediadramatica.com mail is handled by 0 fltr-in2.mail.dreamhost.com.

houkouonchi: 02:50 PM# whois
Colo4Dallas LP COLO4-BLK2 (NET-72-249-0-0-1) -
Thornton Industries COLO4-THORNTON-020707 (NET-72-249-60-224-1) -

ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2007-09-24 19:10

Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.

Not that it would really matter if it was.

Ha ha ha! That is pretty funny, actually. I just took the OP’s word for it, and never even bothered to check for myself. Nice!