Was testing Cloudflare, now site is stuck in PHP 5.2


Hello all,

Here’s an odd one (to me at least):
The past few days I had been testing out Cloudflare – wanted to see how much of a benefit it was. Yesterday morning (almost 24 hours ago) I switched back to DH’s nameservers and went into the Panel and found that my domain had been switched from PHP 5.3 FastCGI to PHP 5.2. (Was this something that happened automatically from using CF’s nameservers?)

Anyway, I switched back to PHP 5.3, clicked save changes and got the usual “changes will take effect in 5-10 minutes” thing and went about my business. I find today that the clock icon is still hovering around the domain in the Panel and running a test on the site (with BackupBuddy plugin) shows that the site is still on CF’s nameservers and it is still on PHP 5.2. Is there a way to fix this/release the nameservers? I’ve triple-checked at my registrar and the site is definitely set to DH’s nameservers…


Thanks as always!


All is well now – support manually pushed everything through.
(On a somewhat related note, I don’t understand why I have no problem with support’s turnaround when so many others are having horrible issues with them. It took support about an hour to get back to me; not bad in my opinion. Could the turnaround correspond with the severity of the issue?)


It has to do with who bears the responsibility for the problem. DH is clearly 100% responsible for configurations set through the panel and they should jump when changes set in their home-grown panel do not take effect.

Many (not all) of the complaints about slow Support response times have to do with hacking and/or software-related issues which are 100% the responsibility of the account holder. There are cases which seem to clearly be within the realm of DH’s responsibility which are not resolved swiftly and those account holders should rightly feel shafted…