Was signup successful?!

gasp After filling in the forms and clicking “Charge this card now” I was returned to the first signup page. No confirmation, thank you, or request for user ID. No email yet. I have no idea whether my signup was successful or not.

Is anyone available via phone? Is support for signup available after hours? Do I just fill in the support webform and wait?


That doesn’t sound right at all. It has been a while since I signed-up, but I don’t recall that happening. If-fact, it was a very smooth experience, with everything up and working within 10-15 minutes.

Can you log-in to the panel using the email address and password you supplied on page 1 of the sign-up process? If so, it might be wise to lodge a support request via the support section of the panel, just to confirm that everything went through OK.


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Thanks Mark.
Login was successful. All data is there, it just says it’s pending approval. I sent a note to support. I’m in no rush, I was just expecting a thank you or some other Next Step info. Note that I did get an email notice of your response to this post, so I know I am getting mail from DH. Whatever… If it’s not up by tomorrow afternoon I’ll send another note.

I signed up last week and I am really impressed with how fast I could get access to my control panel. It was almost immediate. In my previous experiences with other hosting companies, I had to wait for one day or half a day to get my account activated.

Excellent, it sounds like the application went through. Re-submitting the application in such cases is not always straightforward, as the system tends to throw errors such as ‘credit-card already in system’ or ‘domain not available’ and this usually requires an email to DreamHost so they can purge the information from the system.

Thats totally understandable, there is nothing worse than completing an online transaction and not being totally sure that things worked as they should.

As I said in my previous post; When I signed up I don’t recall exactly what I was shown at completion, but I don’t recall being confused and I am sure I would have remembered if I was sent back to the sign-up page without explanation.

I suspect that what you have experienced was some kind of temporary ‘glitch’ in the system.

Hopefully you will soon receive a reply from support or the confirmation email and you will be good to go. :slight_smile:


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Can you recall exactly what you were shown at the completion of your application, some kind of ‘thank you for your order’ page or something similar?


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In less than a 1/2 hour after sending a note to support I got a response telling me an account was created but nothing else including billing had gone through. I just re-entered the signup data and everything was fine - I did get a thank you page and an immediate email confirmation and approval. All is well, case closed.

Let the adventure begin! :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that support responded so quickly with the relevant information. Things like this can quickly get out of hand and create a bad first impression.

Yep, I have no doubt that you’ll initially find things a little different than your previous host, but once you have a look around and try a few things, you’ll understand why many of us here on the forums like hosting on DreamHost so much :slight_smile:

Good luck.


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I encountered the same problem before. But I was rushing to have my plan at that moment. I just redo everything and I saw successfuly page the second time. Now I have to check my credit card bill and make sure they did not charge me twice. :slight_smile:

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I doubt this would happen, dreamhost are very good with billing. I have never had them overcharge or bill me for something I didnt order.

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