Warning: webmail deletion

Those using webmail Delete on sensitive information should know that it seems to be broken - see below.

Subject: Webmail problems
From: chrisjj@chrisjj.com
To: support@dreamhost.com
CC: dreamhost@chrisjj.com
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 12:47:01 -0000 (GMT)

At time of writing, on webmail.ff.chrisjj.com user f:

a) Opening the inbox takes over a minute.
b) Delete and Inbox.Trash-Move do nothing but refresh the page.

This domain has junk filtering. Another domain without junk filtering does
not suffer from either problem.

Could you get these fixed? Thanks.

Please reply separately to any other support request.

DH replaied:

[quote]I have escalated this to our Level 2 queue as the issue seems to be
something that needs further looking into.[/quote]