WARNING: new mail service, new mail delays


From a reply from Support:

Hello Chris,

On Wed, 08 Mar 2006, you wrote:

[quote]At least two emails sent today via a DH SMTP server mail.chrisjj.com have not
yet (3.5 hours later) been delivered to recipients. These include:

250 Ok: queued as E2C3EB6DF4
250 Ok: queued as E534DB6DFB

At least two of the recipients are DH-hosted addresses.

What’s up?



Looks like those messages were delayed on our load balanced mail servers.
Since this is really a new service there are likely some issues we need
to resolve. I have moved this request to my personal queue and I’m
sending the log information showing the delay to our administration team.
They will look into it and as soon as I have any information for you
I’ll be happy to pass it along.