Warning message at top of webpage

I’ve suddenly got a load of warning messages appearing at the top of my website ( http://www.ealingacupuncturemassage.com/ ) An example is below:

Warning: Attempt to assign property of non-object in /home/mjaris/ealingacupuncturemassage.com/wp-content/plugins/easy-contact-forms/easy-contact-forms-baseclass.php - See more at: http://ealingacupuncturemassage.com/#sthash.swFOIYPE.dpuf

I found a similar problem described on the wordpress forum:

‘My website recently auto-upgraded to latest version of wrodpress (and PHP) and now I get a whole bunch of warning errors. it appears to be related to a pblugin which I’d try to turn off if I could but I can’t seem to access my admin page either.’

The reply suggests:

‘if you’ve got access to the server cpanel, go into the file manager and rename the plugins folder to get access to your site again. if you want to get rid of the offending plugin then you can delete it from the server cpanel.’

It would appear the offending plugin in my case is Easy Contact Forms. I understand Dreamhost doesn’t use cpanel. How do I solve this problem? When I go to the admin page of my site all I see is the list of warning messages.

I’m a noob I’m afraid so I pretty much need step by step instructions. Would much appreciate any assistance, thank you.

You can use ftp (either an FTP client, or the web version from your DH control panel) to rename the plugin folder.