Warning: Email account deletion for 'violation' of unknown policy


Thanks. It’s good to know what the limit is. When the discussion on this topic began we just knew that there was a bot sending 48 hours or die emails. No one seemed to know what the trigger was, or that it was still being refined and adjusted, we didn’t even know for sure that the mailbox was too big, just that some arbitrary limit had been reached.

I might suggest a panel update. It appears as tho I can still configure my mailboxes “unlimited” in size. (and some prior still appear without size limit). Panel functionality appears to allow daily email warnings as you get close to the storage limit, that’s a good thing, but my email box appears in the panel to have no size limit, so that functionality would never warn me. Maybe just a nice little horizontal fuel gauge style meter right there in the panel showing how full based on the 2gb limit.

I just created a new mailbox to prove a point. I configured it unlimited in size. The panel let me do that. why? If I understand correctly the limit is now 2gb? Am I missing something?


You’re right that the panel has not been updated yet but that work is coming. The email team gave priority to preventing further issues with email filers. Work on the panel is underway, together with documentation, improved notifications to customers and all is needed for a clean resolution.


I think it’s awesome that Dreamhost might actually be making headway with email improvement! If Dreamhost need to limit the size of mailboxes to achieve this goal then fine.


This roll-out has been done in typical Dreamhost style. Clouded with bots that deliver unclear messages, and lack of communication of what the actual changes are occurring.

The title of this thread says it all “Warning: Email account deletion for ‘violation’ of unknown policy”. The first sentence of the thread sums it up even better.

A few posts down, all the information that’s available is

Nothing specific about a new 2GB max size, yet every user has 48 hours to be in compliance with “whatever” it is that the new policy bot is enforcing–even tho no one really has a clue, other than a guess, what they need to do to be in compliance.

Besides the lack of communication, your systems still allow users to create new email boxes of “apparently” unlimited size.

Not to mention a written policy that basically clearly says you can’t import any mail. That policy gets muddled tho because when questioned we are told that “well some importing into your inbox is ok, just not completely archiving completely in in this manner”.

So yea… that transparency thing… :wink: