Warning: Dreamhost may delete your custom procmail


Multiple INBOXes? not me. All I know is I filter for my single address.
(Also never dared to use X-loop, using a different final destination mailbox instead.)

Anyway, with a fancy enough .procmailrc, you could certainly do
many->one->many. Note that some mail is “undisclosed recipients”, so
you need to bifurcate on “Received …for” headers.

Anyways everything is hunky dory, except if I am at a terminal at a
public library that blocks port 22 so I can’t use putty to read via
mutt on my shell account.

Whereupon all I can use is http(s) to webmail, which is like “driving
with the steering wheel locked”…


See, I keep mailboxes for quite a few people and many of them are complaining about spam.

So if I were to help them fight spam, what would be easier -

create an additional shell user per each mail user (tens of people),


setup a centralized one-shell-user system and bulk-edit all mailboxes just adding a forward to them


Let’s see: the only way to not need to teach those many users new tricks is to forward filtered mails back to their mailboxes with X-loop added (better test first to see if it works, as it is all “closed source” (configuration is on closed access mail server).

This would be your
"setup a centralized one-shell-user system and bulk-edit all mailboxes just adding a forward to them"

So in total you would still have your e.g.34 mailboxes, plus one additional shell account. Better than 68 mailboxes though. P.S.: untested.

Note however http://wiki.dreamhost.com/SMTP_quota, which by the way sometimes breaks… I got a “overquota bounce” when I filtered the reply notice that I got from you replying to this very message, even though I’ve never been anywhere near any limits. So all bets are off.


Is there other interest in this sort of service?

It sounds interesting but you would end up losing out on a lot of redundancy and fault tolerance in exchange for the added flexibility. That’s a trade-off you’re willing to make, I guess?

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