Warehouse post-commit syncing

While trac is cool and all its still got some bugs and a really complex wiki interface that make me shy away. Warehouse (which runs on Ruby on Rails) is so much more user friendly for non-developer clients that are interested in “seeing the code”, and integrates fairly cleanly with existing svn repo user access control.

I was able to set it up completely, and figured out how to get post-commit hooks running as my username instead of dhapache user. The only problem now is that Warehouse’ post-commit rake task doesn’t work… well, it works fine from regular console as my user (via ssh), but cant figure out how to automate it.

I’ve posted a more detailed description at the warehouse help forum, but no one has responded. http://help.warehouseapp.com/discussions/warehouse-troubleshooting/272-warehouse-post-commit-hook-on-dreamhost

Does anyone have a clue how to further troubleshoot this? Could it be that even though the rake task is running as my user, the environment variables are not set correctly?