I’m looking to build a site for WAP enabled devices. I’ve read O’Reilly’s WML/WML Script book and written some basic pages. It’s pretty easy. I’ve also check out the openwave developer section and been using their SDK a little.

Does anyone have other tips on building for WAP devices? Also, on dreamhost is is possible to make it so if a domain is access via WAP they get the .wml page, and if they access via HTTP they get the .php page? I don’t want to make the user have to type in a /filename to get the site to load. I suppose a hack would be to make it a php page with a sniffer and and a redirect.

Finally, how can I make files with the .wml extension be parsed on the server as PHP?

It should be possible to do that with content negotiation in the HTTP protocol, similarly to doing multi-language pages as I document here:


– Dan