WAP Redirect Help (repost)

I posted this in the Beginner’s Forum, thinking it was sorta simple in theory. Then, I figured I’d better post it here where it seems to fit better.

Okay. I have been remiss in not learning more about HTTP protocol until now, I admit it. I usually self teach on a need to know basis, and until now, scripts have mostly accomplished whatever I needed to do on a page.

I now understand some rudimentary principles with HTTP Location:header stuff, but apparently not enough to do what I need to do. I want to have cellular phone users and other WAP device users visit http://www.mysite.com and be automatically directed to http://wap.mysite.com.

I have seen some PHP solutions for this, but I didn’t know where in the html document to place it, and if that meant I needed to rename my htm file as a php file. I have only used php before for forms.

Any help at all on this would be greatly appreciated. An idiot-proof step by step explanation will be rewarded by homeade cookies mailed to yer door!