Wanting to transfer to dreamhost from GoogleApps

Google apps is a pain with actual site design. The rest is fine.

Our status:
*We have a domain from worldnic.com (wanting to transfer to dreamhost)
*Working site (wanting to host with dreamhost)
*Wanting to keep using Google Apps for email and everything else.
*Wanting to make transfer smooth as possible.

Could someone please outline the procedure for transferring from google apps to dreamhost? Also, what concerns should I have about this type of transfer ( I know Dreamhost does Google Apps integration with their hosting, but I’m probably just overly worried).

I’ve looked on their site and it hasn’t been all too helpful.

  • Get an account here.

  • Presetup your Domain as “Google Apps” (or w/e the term is in Panel).

  • Transfer domain registrar from worldnic to DreamHost and wait until it’s propogated.

  • Change your domain from “Google Apps” to Fully Hosted + GMail (or w/e you need).

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