Wanting to host a Minecraft server on Dreamhost PS

Hi all,

I am pretty new to the whole Virtual Private Server scene and do not have a clue when it comes to setting up servers. I’ve gone ahead and opted for the free week trail of the Dreamhost PS system and would like to try and get a Minecraft (www.minecraft.net) server running on it to see how things would work/run.

Is there any one that could point me to a tutorial on how I might achieve this, or something that might be able to talk me through the process of getting the server program running on my host?

Would require someone that is willing to take the time to explain things to a total newbie when it comes to running a server :smiley:
Any help would be most appreciated.

I have MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL for ease of communication.

I am also wanting to use my VPS for minecraft. i imagine you just FTP the files up to the site and run them or do a Remote Desktop to it. Anyone have any idea?

I’ve hand to cancel my VPS for the time being because I could not get it working properly and didn’t want to be paying extra for something that was not working how I needed it to work.

I managed to get the files onto the VPS and running in the end, but for some reason when I tried connecting to the server via the client (not the web-based login) it would crash; and if I connected via the web-based client it would load up the Classic/builder game and not Alpha for some reason. Was really quite odd (even though I downloaded the server files for Alpha, and it ran Alpha fine on a LAN server).