Wanting to get hosting, quick question


Im thinking about getting the 20 GB Disk, 1 TB Transfer, hosting package because i want to start a free/paid hosting service. Is this allowed/ possible with this hosting plan?


Yes, reselling is permitted by DreamHost.

The difficulty of setting it up will depend on exactly what method you are using to give away / sell hosting.

You can add as many domains and sub-domains as you want and these can be configured under different machine users, providing separate FTP and SSH log-ins for your users.

Providing Web Panel access is a little more difficult, but you can create Panel log-ins and set certain privileges for these log-ins.

Overall, DreamHost is probably not the best choice for general reselling, but it can be done and is allowed.

Edit: Below is a link to the reselling article on the DreamHost wiki.



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