Wanted to migrate my site from shared hosting to a VPS. 2 virus attacks till now

Hello guys,
Currently, I am using symbol host shared hosting for my water-based website and projector based website
My problem is 90% the same as this post:
(Should I migrate my website from shared hosting to VPS?)
I am also using:
Generate press premium.
wp smush
wp rocket
shortcode ultimate.
security plugins
social share plugins
related post plugin
But, in addition to that, I was using nulled KANDENCE blocker, my both websites got attacked by DDoS. Strange symbols began to appear, and the whole CSS was a mess.
The traffic to my site is under 100, on both of the sites actually.
Any suggestion from DreamHost experts? I am losing my traffic because of these virus attacks day by day.

Your site is hosted on CloudFlare, which has built-in DDoS protection and other security features are available depending on Plan level (WAF rules, WP plugin, etc). Why not use them?

You may want to start by not using nulled software. :man_shrugging:

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