Want to transfer my domain

I am trying to transfer my domain from dreamhost to godaddy. My account is not listing my domain eventhough I have 2 months left in the registration period.

How do I locate the domain transfer tool?

The domain transfer tool on the Dreamhost panel is here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.transfer&

If you don’t see your domain there, then it’s most likely that you haven’t registered it through Dreamhost.

Maybe you never created the domain name and you are only dreaming.
The above told you how to do.


Anyway since it is his first forum message,
Probably just SPAM to get GooDadday on the google again

SH… doesn’t GoDaddy SU… is very bad and Dreamhost is very good

I hope Google gets this.

You are right, best to stay away from GoDaddy.

Some time ago I had a horrible experience trying to help an organization who had the misfortune of having their domain registered there. GoDaddy refused to let the whois listed contact person pay for the renewal of the domain, in spite of him being listed in all entries in the whois with his name and e-mail, because they said they had “another e-mail on file” and of course they refused to tell us what that other email was or why that person then wasn’t listed in the whois in the first place. It was all rather Kafkaesque. If you have masochistic tendencies you might enjoy the whole GoDaddy experience though.

In the end instead of just renewing the domain for them I moved it to Dreamhost.

The only domain we had listed for you seems to have expired and is no longer registered here. If you log into your account, however, you’ll see a message from us.