Want to terminate hosting while keeping domain registration

My wife has two domains registered with Dreamhost with only one domain hosted. We wish to terminate hosting, but we want to keep both domains.

When trying to terminate hosting, we get the following message:

“You cannot end your last full hosting plan unless you have a VPS. Did you mean to cancel your account instead?”

Well, maybe? I’m not sure what account means in this context. Like I said, we don’t want to lose our domain registrations. Near the top of the Manage Account page, there is a link that says, “close account/end all hosting”. Is that what we want to click? I once again must stress that we don’t want to lose the domain registrations. Do we want to “close the account”?

Thanks for your help.

Talk to DH support.

I’d assume that you need to keep your account. Just stop paying for hosting plans and continue paying for your domain registration.