Want to move out of hosting plan with another firm and simply park domains here

I own three domains that are hosted with another firm. I am too busy with other things right now to keep up with content. I simply want to purge the content but continue owning and registering the domains, i.e. I want to park them. The current firm is making this difficult and not playing ball with me. I’m looking for another host to help me with this, hence the reason I’m here (and at other hosts) looking for this very thing. Question, can this simply be done? I realize every host wants everybody into a hosting plan rather than just parking. I understand that. Right now I just want to get away from my current host and that hosting plan until I can devote the time necessary to get them going. I got here by researching domain parking which is what I want to do now. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you.

Sign up for a shared hosting plan.
Move your domains to DreamHost.
You have 97 days to cancel and receive a full refund on hosting and still retain access to the Panel to manage your domains.

Check the renewal charges here.

Services such as Freenom have really cheap domain renewal fees. You’d save some ca$h by creating an account there if you’re going to sit on them for a while.

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