Want to move old wordpress blog to new domain and install

Perhaps this has been covered, but I can’t seem to find good info on this. My problem seems very straightforward, but I don’t have the skills to not break anything. Here goes:

-I currently have a blog running on WP 1.x.
-I want to set up a new blog on a new domain with a new install of WP.

  • I want to retain my old posts in the new blog on the new domain
  • This new blog is simply a new domain in my DH account.

Is this even possible? It seems that I should be able to point the new install on the domain to the old database. Would that work without overwriting anything? Is there a way to import the old database into a newly created one? Thanks to anyone who can help!


I’m not a expert on WP but it should have patches to help you to upgrade to the latest version. The patches should be able to upgrade the database as well. I’ll suggest you to check on WP website.

If such patch doesn’t exits, it will be painful to manually transfer data to new database :frowning:

Here is an article about how to transfer your site to DH without downtime

WordPress has an Export/Import function you can use to backup and restore posts and categories. I hope that WordPress has this feature in its wp-admin section. Export the .xml file from the old site and import that .xml into the new site.

The other option would be to duplicate the database and point the new WordPress at that database and hope it can handle the upgrade of the database. WordPress updates the database during version upgrades, but I’m not sure how well WP3 will convert WP1 data.

If you’re really daring, you can just point the new WordPress at your current database and see if it’ll import. If that fails, you can use the DreamHost panel to restore your database.

WordPress database settings are stored in its config.php file.