Want to know more about DH

Hi guys,

Im about to signup to DH, but before i do that i just want to have some couple of questions… actually i came from a different server, i always experience from my server of overloaded CPU usage… i normally run a FORUM and i use IPB as my software forum… now heres my question

  1. Is DH compatible with IPB?
  2. Do you guys have CPU Overload Errors?
  3. whats the best plan you can offer to me?

Thank you…


I have to admit that I’ve never run an Invision Power Board, but since it seems to run under both PHP 4.3+ and PHP 5.0+ and MySQL 4.0+ and MySQL 5.0+, it is compatible with DreamHost’s PHP and MySQL setups. There are obviously some specific aspects of the PHP setup that could still be hurdles.

DreamHost ended the hard 1hr CPU time limit but still monitors CPU and will contact you if your scripts seem to use too much CPU. They will work with you to reduce the CPU utilization of your processes before taking any drastic action or forcing you to the dedicated server option.

We’re only DreamHost customers here, not employees. I like the L1 plan which I think is a fantastic value but my needs are modest. Others like the L3 plan because it has 3 phone support callbacks.

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Or did you mean to ask whether our servers are overloaded from the CPU perspective?

The answer there is generally no, though obviously every so often one of two things happens:

  1. Some other customer on the shared server goes and runs a script that overloads the server. DreamHost has been pretty good about finding these people and working with them to eliminate the problem.
  2. Something goes funky with the network or with the NFS servers and the load average goes up, which actually doesn’t affect the CPU utilization but does create havok as your filesystem is an NFS mounted filesystem.

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I imagine the forum would be ok, a quick google search for “ipb dreamhost” shows others are using it.

As to the best plan you should be able to compare your current packages bandwidth/diskspace with dreamhosts to figure which one would suffice. If you go for a lower package you can always upgrade at any time to a higher package.

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As you are using share hosting, CPU overload can be caused by you or anyone using the same server as you, or more likely, you and them together. So, there is always possibility that quite some of the users are using the CPU at the same time for a period which overload the CPU. However, if it become an issue, DreamHost will deal with it as pointed out by other poster.

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normally how do you deal with CPU overload errors? do you contact the admin of the site or you guys just have a message on the browser that “Hey you have reached our allowed CPU USAGE” and thats the thing that i dont want to see because thats to annoying mostly if theres a member online… and they will see the same message…

For my knowledge, there is no pre-set limit of CPU usage so you would not get such error message. However, response will become very slow when CPU overload because the CPU cannot handle all the workload at that time.

Dreamhost will monitor the overall CPU usage of all servers and when an account always responsible for CPU overloading, Dreamhost will contact that user to try to solve the problem together. If not user not co-operative, Dreamhost might take further action of suspending that user account to make the server usable for all other shared users.

Please note that we are only users and you can contact support for a more formal answer.

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Question 1

I have been running Invision Power Board on my site for 3 months. I had no issues with compatibility. Do note that the PHP DreamHost compiled have an upload limit of 7MB. You may wish to increase this by compiling a custom PHP or modify DreamHost’s php.ini.

Question 2

DreamHost have removed it’s limit on CPU resources. Unless your site is causing the server load to rise excessively, DreamHost will not shut down your site. Even then, DreamHost will contact you to resolve the issue and move you to a less busy server if the issue could not be resolved. It is very rare for DreamHost to shut down your site. You should have no issue with Invision Power Board.

Question 3

I would recommend you to take the Level 1: Crazy Domain Insane! Plan since you will not be using more than 200GB of storage and 2TB of bandwidth. You may want to use the promotional codes that you will find at the end of this post. If you use the $97 promotional code, you will end up paying only $24.40. Do not be distracted by the droping storage and bandwidth because you will still get the 200GB of storage and 2TB of bandwidth if you use a promotional code. You may want to try the Unique IP or Domain Registration promotional code if you host more than one forum.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the setting up of Invision Power Board or custom PHP.

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thanks for the reply guys… but i still have a lot of questions to ask… thanks anyway in advance…

regarding with the upload limit of 7mb…

1a.how does it count?
1b. is it everyday or every access to the control panel or FTP?

2a. what if we do not customize our PHP or modify php.ini, is it ok to use break apart uploads?
2b. and what if we do break apart our files to upload does it carry over with the existing limit that you have used or it wont allow you?

The limit of 7mb is for each file you upload. It doesn’t matter how many files you upload or how many times you login to the panel. So if you don’t customize php.ini then you can upload files within the 7mb limit. You can upload as many as you want within the limit wheather you’re uploading whole file or splited files.

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Just to clairfy the above, that 7mb limit is the default limit by php. So if your users uploading files through your forum, each upload will be limited to a total of 7mb.

There are no limits on FTP upload.

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Will FTP transfers be counted on bandwidth usage?

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from my experience only http counts as a bw cost.

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bit unsure on ftp, I uploaded just over 200mb via ftp recently (messed up and had to upload 2 whole sites) yet my usage stats show ftp usage of 20mb.

I think it may be uploads don’t count but downloads do.

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Just to clarify things. The 7MB is the upload limit for PHP. It means that users of your forum, in this case, is able to upload 7MB of data from the “Post Topic” page each time. They are able to upload unlimited amount of data as long as they upload less than 7MB each time. This only apply to uploading through the web browser. There is no limit to uploading through any source (such as FTP) other than the web browser. Try searching Google for “PHP MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE” and you will understand.

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