Want to Know DreamHost Resources (Godaddy is not Good)



Currently, my website is hosted at Godaddy but I am facing a few problems. Like they allow only a limited number of email addresses and there are a few issues with the resources. Like the total files in a folder or the total number of files in a hosting account is a big issue for me.

I want to know what is the limit for total file count or file usage limit in the shared hosting account at DreamHost? Also, what would be the maximum PHP memory limit allowed at DreamHost?



Can anybody please reply to my query?


Most info is available at the Dreamhost Knowledge Base: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us


Yes, but it is difficult to find the exact topic. And I have already tried but couldn’t find the answer about what is the total files count limit, inode usage limit, no. of files in one folder limit, php memory limit and many more things like this.
That is why I have asked the question here.


Scroll down and use the Contact Support feature.


Okay. Will do that. But I tried the community because in most of the case with other hosts, I get quick response in community.


I have asked DH support about this last week, and they informed me that DH does not have an inode limit on either shared or VPS plans.


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