Want to have my $105 Dreamhost Account?


I’ve recently closed my account (Web ID: ziss) and now there is an unused positive balance of $105.04 left.

Since I don’t need the account anymore and can’t get the money refunded, I’ll just give it away to you!

You can take the money from my account and put it on yours or you can buy a new plan with the money, whatever you want…

If you’d like to have the account please just respond to this thread (don’t send me PMs please!). I will give it away for anything - even for free if you like -, because for me it’s of no use anymore.


  • John L.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot of my closed account :frowning:

I wasn’t sure where to post this: I didn’t want to post it in “Offtopic Discussions” because it has something to do with my DreamHost account. I hope it’s okay here…

Why’d you close your account with $100+ in it?

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Because I had to move to another host (I now have a good dedicated server). And they don’t pay out the remaining money, so I couldn’t do anything else than close the account since I do not want to stay with DH anymore.


Well, you could always register 10 funny-sounding domain names. Or one funny-sounding domain name for a long time.

Or donate it to charity. I think they let you do that from the panel…

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Well, I can’t register any domains without a plan. The cheapest one-year plan is $119.4 so with the remaining money on my account I’d have to pay in about $20, but I won’t pay for something I don’t really need.

But donating to charity is a good idea, I’ll see what charities they have at the moment! Thanks coddman!

I’m pretty sure DreamHost lets you register domains even without a plan, as they are a registrar too. You would simply have to point the nameservers to your other host to get it to work.

That is how it would function if your account was active but didn’t have any plans on it, but if you actually closed your account, you just need to contact support and get them to reactivate it.

According to the support Wiki, when you close your account, “No account settings are lost, they are just disabled.”

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I liked the suggestion to donate to charity! Here is a cheer from me for that.

It actually came from rlparker, hehe. We were talking about what we would do with that account if we had it

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If by any chance, you haven’t donated it yet (not that I am against that), I can offer you up to 70 itunes codes if you want them (all good for one itunes song). If you are interested, please respond.

hey i would like to have it please! :slight_smile:

Use the coupon code [color=#CC0000]60DOLLARS[/color] when signing up to Dreamhost for an instant [color=#CC0000]$60 off[/color]!

Yep, you can definitely register domains under the account without having an active plan.

Although, I think the donation idea is the way to go :slight_smile:


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