Want to get larger bolder font for blog menu in Bouquet theme

Is there a way to change the font size / header attributes to the menu on my new (as of yesterday) wordpress blog? Blog site:

I feel the menu is too inconspicuous on the page.
There are probably other things about the theme that I will want to fiddle with in the near future too …

I know I will probably need to edit a php file or something to get what I want, but that’s okay as long as it’s not hard to locate the existing code for the menu and the change consists of only a line of different code.

Now that I have messed up one php file and successfully fixed it using FTP (thanks to sierracircle making the ftp suggestion) I’m not afraid to dabble again with editing a php file.


if you find your style.css file in your theme folder, look on line 335. Find this:

#access a {
    color: #FFF4F9;
    display: block;
    font-size: 13px;
    line-height: 2em;
    padding: 0.5em 1em;
    text-decoration: none;

change font-size to whatever you want…probably 18px or so…

Ah! That worked great! Thanks again.
I think I will look into making a child theme so updates don’t undo the changes I am making. Meanwhile I am also looking around on the web for tutorials that answer some of my questions about changing the appearance of my blog theme such as you have been helping me with, so I don’t have to ask every single question here on the forum.

Sounds like you are on the right track. Soon you will be answering questions here on the forum.

I tried adding a child theme according to instructions on: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes
So I created the child theme folder and put in a simple style.css as they showed on that webpage.
I activated it. But then the menu no longer had the larger font size anymore. I added the access a{ color; size, em yada yada yada text you showed me to the child theme style.css file and I think that it did improve the font size of the menu again,
HOWEVER, the menu no longer had all the entries that were on my original blog page. I went to the dashboard
and then to the menu -making page and saw that the menus I had created were still there - but they would not show up
on the blog when I “visited” the blog. Also, the header background image I had up there working before creating the child theme, that “reverted” to the default that came with the bouquet theme.

I re-activated the original bouquet theme and that fixed the header background. It also reduced the size of the menu font
because when I put in the child-theme style.css I also reverted the original bouquet theme style.css file to what it had been before making the changes you gave me to get a larger font size.

Basically the turkey trot, one step forward and two steps backward. Obviously there are things I am not understanding about the child theme method. At least I was able to get things working again, other than the larger menu font. I could get that back by editing the original bouquet theme again, but I’d rather do it through the child-theme method.

There will be other “fine tuning” type things I will be wanting to do to the bouquet theme, so do you have any suggested reading material which would give me further instructions with a little more detail than the page I used for the child theme instructions (shown above)?

If you really want to tinker around with a theme, try this:

make a copy of your current theme folder and all its contents
rename the folder HamGal or whatever you want your theme to be named
inside that folder, open the style.css file and at the top you will see all the theme details…change that to your new theme name…make yourself the author, etc

now in Wordpress, go to Appearance>themes and activate your new theme

Now you can hack away at your new theme and not have to worry about updates changing your code
Not a perfect solution, but this is really is a good way to give yourself breathing space to play around with code…if you mess something up just switch back to your original theme. After you get comfortable with how your theme is structured…then try to make a child theme of your theme…

Basically, just set yourself up to be free to play with your own theme and goof around. You can always trash it and make a new copy from that original theme.