Want to divide web pages between two accounts

I host a web site on dreamhost.

For example domain xyz.com hosted on a dreamhost machine as /home/abc/xyz.com/… with the file index.html and other pages below the “xyz.com” directory.

Many years ago someone wanted to take over maintaining a section of the web. I did not want them to be able to access all of the web so I did some searching on Dreamhost and figured out how to set up another account like so: /home/def/xyz.com/…

I was able to get a directory under the /home/abc/xyz.com tree to “jump” over to the /home/def/xyz.com tree. I don’t recall how I did that but it did work.

The person that was going to maintain this never came through so I moved the web pages back and forgot about it. But now I have a new person that wants to do this and I can’t figure out how I made it work. I still have that /home/def/xyz.com account around but nothing in the /home/abc/xyz.com tree that uses it and I don’t recall the magic needed to make this work.

Does anyone know how to make this work and can provide an explanation or a point to an explanation?