Want to change my URL, and need help

Is there someone here that can actually fix my URL name change for me? Is there “service people” here at Dreamhost that do this for hire?
I have a complicated situation. I have a blog set up on Wordpress.com with
one URL. I also have a blog set up on Wordpress.org with another URL. (I own both domain names.) I want the Domain name and URL of the Wordpress.com blog to be my Domain and URL for my Wordpress.org blog, and then just delete the Wordpress.com one. (The wordpress.com blog isn’t really established - I was just playing around and made a blog with my new Domain name I just purchased.)
I don’t understand all the steps involved in the dreamhost panel - it is way over me head and too technical.

Basically to simplify, I want my Wordpress.org to have a new URL that is already the URL for the blog on Wordpress.com


I’m assuming this new url (lets call it domain2.com) you have is hosted here at DH. If that is the case all you need to do is go to your control panel and add your wordpress.com domain (which we will call domain1.com) to be fully hosted. Then you can just delete the folder that is automatically created for domain1.com via ftp (or the webftp if you want). Rename the domain2.com folder to domain1.com and do not forget to update wp-config.php to reflect the domain name change (very important!). Next you will need to update the DNS for domain1.com so that it points to dreamhost servers instead of the ones over at wordpress.com. It can take some time for the change to propagate so in order to work on your hosted version of wordpress until everything has updated you should create a sub-domain (you can either add a dreamhosters.com sub-domain – i.e. mysite.dreamhosters.com – or just sub.domain2.com since you already have that domain pointing to DH and make it a mirror of domain1.com instead of fully hosted. Once you have created your sub-domain use it to get the admin section and update the wordpress and site url under settings on the dashboard but only do this after your dns changes have propagated.