Want to build my own website and need help

Hi everyone

I have no experience in web design or hosting a website

I have always wanted to run a website and now Im ready to spend time working hard to build and maintain a site

I’m looking for the best hosting package that will allow me to run the site to its full potential , My website will involve users sending in pictures to upload on to my website so will need to be suitable to be able to cope with this and more.

It must be user friendly as I have no experience of using wordpress etc or any web design software and will have to learn from scratch.
I really want it to be a special site so do not want to be restricted with anything on the site and also have the option to upgrade should it be a success.

I live in the UK so the host needs to suitable for running a site in the UK.

If anyone could help me with a suitable package or advice that would be fantastic.

Kind Regards

What kind of web site are you trying to build here? You’ve told us very little about what it will be, and what it needs to do.

Firstly , thank you for taking the time to reply…
I’m sorry but I’m very new to this, I will be asking user to send in pictures of when they are out and about and I will upload them on my site under different categories and for people to comment about the pictures , I suppose I will be using wordpress org to build the site. I have looked at shared host to start and then upgrade if the site gets busy. I just wondered if anyone new what package I should get as a startup and any advice as a newbie website builder .

so to clarify I or user need to be able to upload pictures , a gallery under different categories to show off the pictures and the ability for people to chat and comment on them.
The site needs to be able to cope with this
I want to get people registered up to the site
And the future will be to have ads to advertise a certain market

I hope this helps