Want to build an information store

I want to build a site to serve as an information store. I’ll be putting some of my own personal notes on it as well as notes pertaining to products and services from specific companies. Some of the information will need to be totally private while some will be able to be accessed by the general public. Mostly though, I’ll want to restrict access by password. I’ll be the site administrator and will have access to everything. Other users will need their own passwords so they’ll be able to access only certain sections of the site and won’t have any site admin access.

I’ll need some way to create new categories to build in and the main page will have a Menu system to drill down to the desired information page. Each category will need to be password protected, or not, depending on my needs.

This will all run on a subdomain here on Dreamhost under my own domain name so I’ll be able to access it from anywhere.

I think what I want is a Content Management System like Drupal or Joomla but I’m not sure so am asking here.

Thanks in advance…

My vote is for drupal but any content management system can probably do what you need. Drupal allows you to create roles to put users in and you can restrict which role has access to what content.

Access restrictions are a key part of the specifications. That’s the main reason I think I need a CMS. Something database driven can more easily implement access restrictions.