Want different suexecs for different subdirs under same domain (same SSL)

I’m using Dreamhost shared hosting.

I have domain https://glew.ca.

Yes: https. SSL. Static IP.

I want to run several web services under here - wiki, trac - as different users.

E.g. I want https://glew.ca/wiki to run as user “g0”

E.g. I want https://glew.ca/trac to run as user “g1”


I cannot seem to figure out how to specify a different user by sub-directory.

I can specify a different user by sub-domain. E.g. I can make wiki.glew.ca run as user g00, and trac.glew.ca run as user g11. I can even remap the subdirectories, glew.ca/wiki to wiki.glew.ca. But if I do so, I still run as the user associated with the original glew.ca domain, say g0, rather than the user associated with target domain.

Overall, it seems that, on dreamhost, suexec user IDs are associated with domains or subdomains, but not subdirectories of a domain.

Am I missing something? I hope so.

No, there isn’t currently any way to restrict suexec by directory like that.